St John’s College Speech Craft Dinner – 09 May 2016

The Johannesburg Toastmasters club is proud to have hosted another successful speech craft program with the Sixth form students at St Johns College. The program was aimed at fostering the growth and development of the student’s public speaking ability and help establish a sound foundation for their future endeavors. The program was hosted in conjunction with the English department at St John’s College over 8 weeks.

The standard of creativity and grammar displayed by the students was of the highest caliber seen by the leadership team of Johannesburg Toastmasters. The students took to the program like fish to water. Their positivity and eagerness to learn and improve upon the public speaking ability was invigorating. And as a result, the quality of the speeches went from strength to strength.

The final module of the program was for the students to host a Toastmasters evening with the friends and family present. The students executed the evening with astounding success and both the teachers and parents were amazed at how the students have grown.

To the St John’s College Sixth Form Students of 2016:

The Johannesburg Toastmasters team would like to congratulate each one of you today for stepping up to the plate, taking the time to immerse your mind when writing your speeches and providing us reassurance that spirited thinking is alive.

Well done ladies and gentlemen on completing your Toastmaster’s course. We look forward to meeting you guys in the corporate world and watching your meteoric rise in becoming captains of industry.

We would like to leave you with these words: Go forth into the world and Dream the impossible, seek the unknown, achieve greatness.


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