Johannesburg Toastmasters Meeting: 15 June 2016


We hosted our monthly scheduled meeting again on Wednesday the 15th of June 2016. We had an impressive attendance considering the fact that this was the evening before the June 16th holiday. Once more, we like to extend our gratitude to all who made time and attend this meeting.

Toastmaster, Guest and Agenda

The toastmaster on this day was Andi Poppmeier who performed his task with aplomb.

We had speeches from the following speakers:

CC9 , Mpendulo Mabuza , Arrive Alive – The Introspection

CC10, Luis De Sousa, Kung Fu Panda

ACB, Christian Nyankanyanga, (Video Training)

ACB, Sipho Mda, Jump

The Grizzly Bear Award

Mr. Nkala Quintin accepting the grizzly bear award from outgoing VP Education Mr Luis de Sousa.

Mr Quintin Nkala accepting the grizzly bear award from outgoing VP Education Mr Luis de Sousa.

Guests and Visitors

We were honoured to have in our presence Quintin Nkala from Bloemfontein Toastmasters. With him was Kamal Patel. We also had Heidi Patmore, Kefiloe and Tsatsi Mohase. To all our guest we say thank you for making time to join us and looking forward to welcome you again in the near future.


Our next meeting is on the 6th of July 2016. It promises to be a marathon run with a number of speeches lined up. we encourage all to attend this event if you are serious about taking your public speaking to another level.


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