Meeting 19 October 2016

The Toastmasters meeting on the 19th of October 2016 was well attended. Our toastmaster of the day was Mpendulo Mabuza who encouraged and motivated members by explaining how Toastmasters has been influential his life.

We had five speakers on the evening

  • CC1 by Kyle Sham entitled “Stepping into Manhood”
  • CC1 by Hloni Tsotetsi entitled “My speech”
  • CC2 Hilaria Malate entitled “Gratitude”
  • CC4  Nonyameko Sincadu entitled “Beyond the line”
  • ACG Des Smith entitled “Job Mashego”

We would like to thank the following role players for an excellent meeting:

  • Tinahe Ncube
  • Amiel Holilal
  • Molin Ncube
  • Elmarie Papageorgiou
  • Keitumetse Malebadi
  • Cedric Meier
  • Kyle Sham

We were graced by the presence of a travelling toastmaster from New York. Her name is Gouri and we really appreciate her stopping by and share the great moment with us.

The Grizzly bear was awarded to Keitumetse Malebadi for her sterling job as the time keeper.



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