Johannesburg Toastmasters Meeting – 6 October 2021


Johannesburg Toastmasters Meeting started at 7pm on Wednesday, 6 October 2021.

Start of Meeting

Guests for the evening were Goodwill and Themba.

Word of the evening ‘Herald’ meaning an official who makes voting on the 1st of November amidst the surrounding hype and activity.

Des Smith was the Toastmaster of the day. He guided us through a successful and exciting packed Toastmasters meeting.

Prepared Speeches

We had three successful prepared speeches:

  1. PL1P1 – (Ice Breaker) by Themba, evaluated by Mthokozisi
  2. PL3P2 – (Elective Project) by Zaina Limalia titled “My ‘Aa!’ Moment” and evaluated by Christoff.
  3. PL1P3 – (Researching and Presenting) by Di Sharp titled “The way” and evaluated by Duren.
  4. PL1P2 – (Evaluation) by Mthokozisi , was evaluated by Duren.

Table Topics/Educational

The table topics were chaired by Des Smith where he asked the question: What would you do to uplift the economy as a cabinet minister?

Grizzly Award

The grizzly bear was awarded to Zaina Limalia for a well-delivered speech. Congratulations!

Highlights for next meeting

Next meeting will be held on Wednesday, 20 October 2021 from 19:00.

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