Johannesburg Toastmasters Club Meeting – 4 June 2014

The theme of the evening was “I am the wisest man alive for I know one thing, and that is that I know nothing.”  – Plato, The Republic. The word of the day for the Johannesburg Toastmasters Club Meeting held on the 4th of June 2014 was “Zowie” as proposed by Luther Feros.

Luther Feros provided the toast of the day “Sports Fraternity”. This was closely followed by a toast to Toastmasters International by JP Gernaat.

As is the norm at Johannesburg Toastmaster we had some guests JP and Charles.

Dick Hallet was the Toastmaster of the day and he guided us through a successful and jam packed Toastmasters meeting.

We had two successful prepared speeches:

  1. CC1 – (Ice Breaker) by Charles Mhango titled “Introducing Charles” and evaluated by Tinahe Ncube.
  2. CC2 – (Organise Your Speech) by Des Smith titled “Turmoil equals change” and openly evaluated.

The table topics segment was chaired by Di Sharp and the theme was “News Headlines”.

The grizzly bear was awarded to JP for his contribution to the club while Division Governor.

The following members/guests have volunteered to give speeches at our next meeting:

  • Sipho Mda CC1
  • Charles Mhango CC2
  • Christian Nyakanyanga CC10

Johannesburg Toastmasters Club: Where Leaders Are Made.


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