Johannesburg Toastmasters meeting – 2 June 2021


Johannesburg Toastmasters Meeting started at 7pm on Wed 2 June 2021.

Start of Meeting

Guest for the evening was Henry.

Word of the evening ‘Envisage’.

First Toast of the Day ‘Health Workers’

Second Toast of the Day ‘Des Smith on his birthday’

Di Sharp was the Toastmaster of the day and she guided us through a successful and jam packed Toastmasters meeting.

Prepared Speeches

We had two successful prepared speeches:

  1. PL1P2 – (2nd evaluation speech) by Odette titled “From Russia with Love” and evaluated by Zaina.
  2. PL4P1 – (Difficult audiences) by Christoff titled “Spur – People with a Taste for Life” and evaluated by Des.

Table Topics/Educational

The table topics were chaired by Johara on using what comes to mind with given colours.

The educational was a follow up from the previous meeting on using different backgrounds for timekeeping.

Grizzly Award

Although everyone contributed to the meeting, the grizzly bear was awarded to Christoff for handling a very difficult audience and giving an excellent speech. Congratulations!

Highlights for next meeting

Election of new Committee for new Toastmasters year from 1 July 2021 to 30 June .

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