Johannesburg Toastmasters Meeting 15th of April 2015

The Toastmasters meeting of the 15th of April 2015 was a pleasant evening of prepared speeches. The Toast of the day was made to “Consistency ” proposed by Tinahe Ncube and the word of the evening was “Quiescent “ as proposed by Di Sharp.

The Toastmaster of the Evening was Christian Nyankanyanga and we had the following guest at our meeting: Linda Van Deventer

The following members where present: Des Smith, Di Sharp, Luther Feros, Dick Hallett, Tinahe Ncube, Sipho Mda, Luis de Sousa, Christian Nyakanyanga, Zandile Manana, Linda Thompson, Kemsila Naicker.

We had four successful prepared speeches:

▪ CC4 by Linda Thompson Entitled “A Holiday Adventure” evaluated by Des Smith

▪ CC5 by Zandile Manana Entitled “Rumble in the Jungle” evaluated by Dick Hallett

▪ CC6 by Luis de Sousa Entitled “ I have some thing to tell you” Evaluated by Di Sharp

▪ CC10 by Linda Van Deventer Entitled It all depends on me” evaluated by Des Smith

Table Topics where handled by Tinahe Ncube and people where asked to give advice for people like Aunt Caroline.

The Grammarian deemed all the speeches where acceptable according to the Toastmaster rules.

The grizzly bear was awarded to Des Smith for excellent evaluations.

Linda Delivering her excellent CC10


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