Johannesburg Toastmasters Meeting 21 October 2015

Another great evening at The Johannesburg Toastmasters. This Wenesday was a night where we had expected only three speeches from our members, and on the night, four of our new members stood up and delivered their CC1 speeches, we were pleasantly surprised by a treat of seven prepared speeches in total. Four from the Competent Communicator Manual, two Advanced Communicator Bronze Speeches, and an educational presentation.  The word of the evening was “Tepid”, which means ‘showing little enthusiasm’. The toast of the day was proposed by Linda Thompson, and she gave a toast to the university students across the nation who are currently marching for reduced fees. A very organised and peaceful march.

We had 19 people in attendance including the following guests: Zahndri Prinsloo (The Transformers Toastmasters), Naledi Maila (Polokwane Toastmasters), Dika Langa Daluzako Magisa, Ponatshego Makhuza, Malebo Makhuza, and Tshepo Vorster.


The Toastmaster of the evening was Luther Feros and he had the following role players to assist him:

  • General evaluator : Zahndri Prinsloo
  • Uhm counter         : Di Sharp
  • Grammarian          : Linda Thompson


We had the following prepared speeches:

Presenter                                                  Speech title                  Duration  Evaluator

  • CC1 Camilla Smolicz               Why am I here                          5:00     Zahndri Prinsloo
  • CC1 Elmarie Papagergiou      Growing up                                5:00     Luther Feros
  •  CC3 Naledi Maila                   Friend raising                            7:00     Des Smith
  •  CC4 Amiel Holilal                  The World is your oyster         6:00     Des Smith
  •  ACB Sipho Mda                      Presenting an award                 3:30     Di Sharp
  • ACB Tinahe Ncube                 Winning with mobile search  11:00     Dick Hallett

The Grizzly Bear was awarded to Naledi Maila for her particpation in the meeting despite obstacles and her inspirational speech




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