Johannesburg Toastmasters – Meeting 4th May 2016


Tonight’s meeting was filled with old faces that braved the cold to come by and enjoy a eventful toastmasters meeting in true Grizzly flair.

One of our lost veteran members, Mpho Mokhoro had this to say about the evening:

“After a 6 month hiatus and having previously only done my CC1,tonight I re-joined the Johannesburg Toastmaster club intending to slooowly ease my way back into public speaking…only to have Amiel,the member responsible for table topics for the evening,throw a curveball at my unexpecting self:To make a political argument whilst channeling my inner Kim Kardashian…two topics I know very little about!


due to months of attending Toastmasters and listening to other speakers and hearing advice on how to speak impromptu, I quickly conjured up my argument and presented it to the club.

And this is what Toastmasters is about:teaching you the ability to go to the next level in relating to people…because you never know when you may have to discuss politics or channel your inner Kim Kardashian!”

Once again there was a diversity of speeches that kept the audience entertained from a CC1 by Adrian More (Road less travelled), two CC2’s by Daniel Erasumus (Snow boarding Italy on a budget) and Andy Poppmeier (Just do it), a CC7 by Mpendulo Mabuza (The state of the garbage address), a CC8 by Luis de Sousa (Starbuks) and a press conference ACB by Christian Nyakanyanga.

IMG_3335 IMG_3336


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