Johannesburg Toastmasters Club Meeting – 16 July 2014

This evenings meeting was jam packed with the speeches from CC1 all the way to ACB and this led to a packed toastmasters programme.

The toast of the day was given by Di Sharp in commemoration of the “Soccer World Cup”  and our club president Luther Feros gave the toast to Toastmasters International.

We where privileged to have a few guests this meeting who where: Geoffrey Hunt, Michelle Laranjeiro, Zoleka Bosman and Jill Hallet – who was celebrating her birthday.

The Birthday girl - Jill Hallet

It was Jill Hallet’s birthday on the evening – Happy Birthday Jill

The following members where present: Des Smith, Di Sharp, Dick Hallett, Luther Feros, Tinahe Ncube, Christian Nyakanyanga, Sipho Mda, Khanyiswa Nogomba, Gugu Bhebhe, Mpilo Khoza, and Andrew Ntsanwisi.

We had five successful prepared speeches:

  • CC1 – by Michelle Laranjeiro titled ” The Power of Music” which was evaluated by Geoffrey Hunt.
  • CC1 – by Zoleka Bosman  titled ” Football, My Passion , My Life” which was evaluated by Luther Feros.
  • CC4 – by Mpilo Khoza titled ” Being a South African in the month of July” which was evaluated by Christian Nyakanyanga.
  • CC5 – by Khanyiswa Nogomba titled “Go with the flow”  which was evaluated by Des Smith.
  • ACB – by Tinahe Ncube titled ” The Comfort Zone” which was evaluated by Dick Halett.

Later on in the evening Christian Nyakanyanga chaired the table topics session by using question cards.

At the end of the meeting the grizzly bear was awarded to Khanyiswa Nogomba for completing her CC5.

Khanyi was awarded the Grizzly bear for her speech - Go With the Flow

Khanyi was awarded the Grizzly bear for her speech – Go With the Flow

The following member/guests volunteered to give speeches at our next meeting.

  • Michelle Laranjeiro CC2
  • Zoleka Bosman CC2
  • Gugu Bhebhe CC2
  • Sipho Mda CC3
  • Andrew Ntsanwisi CC3
  • Mpilo Khoza CC5
  • Khanyiswa Nogomba CC6
  • Tinahe Ncube ACB

Johannesburg Toastmasters Club: Where Leaders Are Made.

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